TDFF aims to provide a platform for young artists as well as professional artists to screen their original works in order to reach a wider more varied audience. Our vision in offering this platform is to develop further relationships and networks with other dance film artists and interdisciplinary dance professionals, whilst also creating a sense of opportunity and community spirit among people interested in dance film works and the arts.

We are one of the first dance film festivals to offer a free youth only category for all the fabulous young film makers out there.

We are interested in interdisciplinary projects that merge choreography and innovative filmmaking.

We also give our artists the opportunity to be part of our International Touring Programme, that takes place in the alternate year to our UK programme. This allows participants to have their films screened to a wider, more diverse audience in a number of different countries, locations and facitlites. 2016 saw TDFF’s first International Touring Programme to Mexico and USA.

With continued generous support from our sponsors and collaborators TDFF is growing quickly as an essential screen dance organisation based in the UK and is constantly reaching further audiences, artists and gaining wider international recognition.

We have been thrilled to tour TDFF internationally in 2016 touring to Mexico the USA as well as having an extra screening in the UK!



IMG_6256In 2014 the first screening of TDFF took place on the big screen in the centre square outside Middlesbrough’s Institute of Modern Art – Mima, in May 2014 and was founded by Holly Bellamy as part of her University final year creative project. It was a huge success and gained a large local audience whilst also gaining recognition from film makers internationally. It also inspired many local and international dance film makers to get in touch, from there we have gone from strength to strength and hope to continue to do so.




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